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    Coordinates and zones

    I have walked all the way down to a coordinate of 0.0.
    At that point, it wrapped to 2047.99 (2048.0?)
    The zone switched from 210 to 190.

    My question is: what does this mean?
    Is there a 20x20 grid of 400 cells, each with coords from 0-2048 in horizontal and vertical direction?
    This would mean that the map is *HUGE*, it would take hours to go from one end to the other...

    EDIT: the figure of 20x20 comes from the fact that walking in a straight line south, the zone switched down by 20. This means that a "row" of the grid has 20 cells in it.

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    I made a calculation.
    To get from coordinate 1800 to 1700 it took me 24 seconds. This means that to cross a zone it would take over 8 minutes (at my running level, which is 7).

    If the zones are 20x20, the whole map is about 160x160 minutes large! In other words, two tribes placed at about 2 hours distance would have extremely low interaction just because of the geographic distance between them!

    I think this is very good and interesting, because it adds a lot of strategic considerations to the game...

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    Not taking credit for them, just have 'em. Approximates.

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    Thank you! very cool stuff

    I understand green zones contain the green fog... so the map is 4x4 cells large right now but has huge potential to get extended...

    4x4 means it's 32x32 minutes large! not bad, for starters...

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    The green in the top map is where I ran in to the mist or died. The bottom map is an estimate from the zones we have now, where I colored in grids that are in the top map.

    I think each grid is about 2km^2

    From the other thread,

    The features page says “expanding to a 1200 sq km”. We know each row is 40 Km so,

    1,200 / 40 = 30
    I guess the entire map is 40Km x 30 Km
    Or 20 (wide) x 15 (high) grids

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    Paradox, your grid stops too early you need another 100

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    Cool, thanks

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    and you start in zone 210 in zephyr and that is showed as water on the map

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    Virtus wrote:
    Paradox, your grid stops too early you need another 100
    cool I guessed right... it's 20x20 cells large!

    Once the coordinates are removed from the interface all this might be less useful but right now I find it very interesting...

    to be a good scout you really have to develop that in-game sense that allows you to orientate from the look on the lake or the sky...

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    Re:Coordinates and zones

    Paradox wrote:
    I think each grid is about 2km^2
    Im thinking this is impossible, because the width of the real southern lake tahoe is 10km wide.

    That would mean that the picture of lake tahoe, the southern shore, would have to span 5 squares. That is if each grid square is 2km wide. So i think its 4km/square.

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