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    Problem with connection to server

    at this moment (it started about 4-5 hours ago) i got problem with connecting to game server. The launcher starts the game, after that i wrote my login and password, and press login. All buttons dissappear, but wallpaper "Xsyon prelude" stay and character selection screen doesnt appear.
    It was working fine before.

    Additional data:
    - Meantime I can easly connect to Test server now. Its working.
    - It was working before.
    - Changing of launcher program didnt change the situation.

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    Re:Problem with connection to server

    Hello Zennoya,

    Please send me your log files from the Xsyon/Log directory to

    The test server is one step towards resolving all our sever problems, which is why you are probably connecting to it with more ease.

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    Re:Problem with connection to server

    I sended my log files as you wanted. I sended few more files because i actually dont know when it started, and some of them are test server logs.
    You will probably see that I also managed to place pickaxe head into my weapon/tool slot and its also causing some troubles and crashes :P

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    Re:Problem with connection to server

    Hi, i found out new thing about the problem.

    As i said before I was able to connect before. I was even able to connect today. And now im still unable.

    But theres one thing i noticed -> when i can login the test server is off. When i cannot login, test server is always up.

    I cant connect to main server when the test server is running. Im sure of it at about 80%. I will observe more to get 100%.

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    Re:Problem with connection to server

    It looks like you are logged in to the main server now. Right?

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    Re:Problem with connection to server

    No, I was away with that screen waiting. At this moment i cannot connect to main. Now (when im writing this message) i tried again and im only able to log test server.

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