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    New installer - Dowloading 0b of 17179869184.00Gb

    So yesterday's installer worked fine for me (thought I did have to manually delete Xsyon.exe). The updated version however does not patch. It seems to think it has an impressive 17 Exabytes to download. As it seems unlikely that the game has grown larger than 24 days of global internet use, it seems that there is a problem somewhere.

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    Re:New installer - Dowloading 0b of 17179869184.00Gb

    Please contact me at with details on this.

    You get the messages: "connected", then "analyzing files", then followed by that message, correct? Does it begin a download?

    Did you try deleting xsyon.exe again?

    I'm stumped by this one, but the launcher programmer will need to look into this tonigh.

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    Re:New installer - Dowloading 0b of 17179869184.00Gb

    Re-deleting Xsyon.exe did fix it. But yes, both messages showed up, and "Downloading" was not part of the message.

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