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    A lesson well learned.....

    I would like to draw attention to a blog I recently read. I feel the author is very sincere in their concerns, very passionate about their game play. I hope we can all learn from the authors ideas and concepts. I hope that the developers here take note. This is about a very successful game, a very long standing game, on very fun game... and IMHO I agree 100%.

    Happy reading

    Read this!

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    Your link is broken (Added an extra http)

    He fixed it.

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    fixed it... thanks

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    Just read it and realized I was digging a large pit for people to fall into in beta (I DID leave a way out before I logged off though : P)

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    He sounds like a baby. EVE drama is the best drama.

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    Cunk wrote:
    He sounds like a baby. EVE drama is the best drama.
    I'd replace "baby" with "Adult"

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    His post doesn't explain why EVE keeps growing and growing...

    Flipping a can has consequences. Flip, and you might get your ass handed to you.

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    That blog post warrants no reply...

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    might help if i know what flips his can is.. but QQ fer him.

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    Re:A lesson well learned.....

    Ahahaha.... What an idiot. He has been playing for 5 years and only had this happen now? He should of known that a couple years ago there was no penalty for flipping cans. I bet something else made him quit. If this is the worse he experienced over 5 years he is one lucky guy. In my 6 year experience of EVE I've experienced Spies that destroy alliances from the inside(actually gaining enough rank to disable POS.), enemies taking actions outside of game(crashing vent/TS servers, hacking websites.), and many more that just take 1 person to ruin 100's of other players fun. After all that I still haven't officially quit.

    I still believe something else made him quit unless this was just the last straw.

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