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    First Impressions

    first off let me say that I have a great computer, Intel i-7 960 processor, 6 gigs ddr3 and my video card is an ati radeon 5870 vaper-x. I all I can say is that I have waited and waited to play this game. I even payed up front and bought this game to get into beta. I'm very disappointed. The graphics are either not finished or aren't every good. Its a little better than eq1, and looks nothing like the screenshots from the main page. The animations for jumping and running around are terrible. And the ground texture is either not finished or I was walking on a blob of white. Also the character select screen where you make your person is way limited. Only like 9 pre-made faces to choose from (which look retarded). Once I found something that kinda looked cool my character still looked like a dumbass from with lame cloths. So I guess I was expecting to much from this game at to much of an early stage. Right now I would never pay for this game, so I hope it gets better

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    Re: First Impressions

    That white blob was snow.

    I'm sorry you need high end graphics to keep you interested in a game but I doubt they will get much better so you may want to look into a refund.

    Personally I think the game looks fine for the most part, especially when you consider it's an independent team of developers working on what is likely a pretty meager budget.

    I don't know, I guess I'm one of those people that places graphics secondary to game play. I'd rather developers put more effort into graphical variety than quality. High end graphics does not guarantee success (Age of Conan for example). If developers spend all their time working on impressive character models and landscapes and ruined cities they wind up with a very shallow game that wears thin after a very short time.

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    Re:First Impressions

    Where did I say the state the game is in is acceptable?

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    Re:First Impressions

    Nah, I was just saying that the graphics and animations and models seem good enough to me. I'd rather developers work on the mechanics (yes, including combat) rather than redoing the sprint animation.

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    Re:First Impressions

    While you are entitled to your opinion that the graphics are not up to your standards, I feel like comparing them to EQ1 graphics is doing a grave disservice to this game. In my opinion the graphics look pretty good on my mid-grade hardware, in particular the environments. Though I will agree that some of the character animations look somewhat sketchy (jump & sprint).

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    Re:First Impressions

    beerface wrote:
    Its a little better than eq1, and looks nothing like the screenshots from the main page.
    [img size=600][/img]

    [img size=600][/img]

    Maybe you need to update your drivers? :blink:

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    Re:First Impressions

    well if you read on the updates sticky then you will get a idea of what the devs are working on, i have been folowing this game for 2 months now and have seen the amount of work they have done on the game just to get the server stable and to keep out the idiots that tryed to hack the server and i am impressed in my eniter 20 years of playing games i have seen this larg amount of work done by so few ppl only a handfull times, oops go a bit caried away there, what i am trying to say is be patient they will get to it in time and fix it.

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    Re:First Impressions

    Im getting popcorn, again

    Honestly. For many mmo enthusiasts with 'expectations' on-par with great when it comes to graphics, game-play or animations at this stage of the games development, will be disappointed. And those that think its great, should have your head examined. Much of whats turned on is really good, but we probably have 90% of the game mechanics and implementation to go.

    Now, not to say the potential isn't there, because I think it is, but we're at the mercy of a dev team that recently realized they need to delay launch, rightly so, for 4 months in order to deliver what they think will be great (good to great I hope).

    So, there will be some peeking in on occasion that say something similar as the OP because he/she might not be as in-tune with whats going on with development and the strides the team has made with server stability; it's just not something that immediately comes to mind when someone less familiar with the ongoing development pops into the game to get familiar, but you know what I mean, I hope.

    So I dont think his post was just about graphics, though used it to make a point, but the state of the game. The state of the game is in a prolonged period of pre-launch development, and the team has been focused that. So lets just remind the infrequent visitors of that, rather than getting up in their shit and all.

    Unless their going to be a douche about it, then sick-em.

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    Re:First Impressions

    Ciik wrote:
    [delayed launch] for 4 months
    I know I haven't read the forums today, but for months? Where is that figure coming from?

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    Re:First Impressions

    Illmaculate wrote:
    kiwibird wrote:
    Ciik wrote:
    [delayed launch] for 4 months
    I know I haven't read the forums today, but for months? Where is that figure coming from?
    The prelude was originally scheduled to launch April 15. With the date pushed back to August 15, that would be four months...
    +1 Reading comprehension.

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