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    Installer problems


    I'm very happy now that I got my invitation! Thanks.

    I'm trying to install the game, but the installer always stalls. Not the executable, but the download, last time it stalled at 1.56/3gb I tried to resume it by restarting the launcher but it started all over again. It stalled again, then I restarted it and now it's written "of 2.01gb".

    Is it normal? I've been trying since this morning but it always freeze and starts over again. Now I think that it resumed since the total isn't 3gb anymore but only 2gb.

    I'd like to know if it's normal, or is it due to server load? I mean you seemed to invite quite a lot of people today so maybe the servers are slowing down?

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work! Can't work to try out the game!

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    Re:Installer problems

    This depends on your location and connection speed to our download server. The download is resuming correctly, so you should be able to get the game before long.

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