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    Graphic lines in game

    I noticed a few horizontal lines on my screen after checking to see which windowed resolutions work and look good. :unsure: I will try to get a screen shot and see if it shows in it.

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    Re: Graphic lines in game

    Yeah here too. These are Moiré patterns (look it up on wikipedia) caused by the shadows not correctly being baked into the terrain. Maybe higher shadow detail, different filter (anisotropic?) or anti-aliasing may solve this. I didn't try because any of these bring my hardware to the knees, so I'm fine with switching them all to the minimum and ignoring those LSD patterns...

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    Re: Graphic lines in game

    Thanks! I see that they were not there when I had the anisotropic setting on. I will have to see which works best and decide which I will use. Thank you again.

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