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    Stamina Drain Rate

    It seems like stamina drains way too fast when you are running (not sprinting). I would think a person (especially an above average person like our toons are suppose to be) would be able to run at that pace for +/-30 minutes nonstop.

    I don't see why there is stamina drain at all on regular running. I understand stamina drain on sprinting and jumping, but regular running stamina drain just seems annoying to me.

    Also, the drain is too severe on sprinting. I don't think anyone will use it much at all because of this. Maybe have it tick at the same rate but for half of what it does now each tick.

    Just my two cents

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    Re:Stamina Drain Rate

    Its not that fast when you first make the character. Then your food and water bar goes down, and then it goes down quite fast. When food and water is implemented, and your running skill goes higher, it will work fine.

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