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    Terraformin' a Sphinx

    I decided to build a great sphinx statue to sit next to the entrance to my castle. Both took about 12 hours of terraforming each, to create. Due to the nature of terraforming, I wasn't able to do any detail work with the face, but I think it still turned out pretty good.

    Here's the link to the album if you want to see more pics:

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    HI Hammon!

    Your work terraforming is so great,awesome!

    I'm glad to see that there are so many terraforming lovers.I love it too!Foocha,Themap,Grado,Leiros,Zen and much more thank you all!

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    That's one sweet Sphinx.. minus the missing head. Too bad you can't put it on in game. Great Effort! :lol:

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    real creative, to bad you cant carve one out of wood or something B)

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    Impressive, most impressive! Nice work on the Sphinx, it actually looks like it minus the face details. Good job!

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    n1. Someone needs to build a ant.

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    Very creative. Wish i was in to try that :P

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    Very cool!

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

    I added a short video clip of it to the original post.

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    Re:Terraformin' a Sphinx

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