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    about the test server announcement

    "The test server has been up for 2 days straight, but without much traffic.

    Please join the test server today. I would like to know if the changes made to alleviate lag and reduce the freezes and time outs.

    The test server only has a partial implementation of what we are fixing, but it's a step in the right direction and I'd like to know if it feels less laggy than the main server.


    if u want more people to test u should just let everyone in who preordered or something.

    iam already in but i didnt buy the game to test it i paid to play a completed version that was suppost to be out already.

    alot of people feel duped over the fact of how uncomplete the game is.Many of us were told in post that you had very little to implement within a months time and that it would be complete but you didnt want people in game without such featured in.

    alot of us took a leap of faith when we bought the game with no vids and now the release date has been pushed back 4 months from its original date.

    iam pretty upset i thought things have been tested already and stuff.

    ill never buy a game before its out again no matter the benefits if id known the game was ganna take till augest or longer to release id never bought the game.

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    Re:about the test server announcement

    Ok. Bye I guess.

    edit: Heh. I remember you. You were the one that used to call anyone who doubted Xsyon a troll in IRC. I guess this is what happens when you blindly throw your money down on something you couldn't possible know anything about.

    Those of us who remained skeptical, even after seeing video evidence of a game, are not troubled by these delays.

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    Re:about the test server announcement

    I'll never blame someone for being disgruntled over delays after 6-years of watching Darkfall stumble to a floundering launch and the shit that was endured during the ongoing MO circle-jerk.

    But hope you can hang in there since the Xsyon folks seem a cut above the others.

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    Re:about the test server announcement

    What exactly are you on about? Have you never been in a beta before where the release got pushed back? Almost every beta I have been in missed release target so not flaming you at all just curious if this was your first beta?

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    Re:about the test server announcement

    if u ask anyone thats been here for while this isnt a beta its a prerelease.where preorders were ganna be let in 2 weeks before release. then the game turned out to be buged all to hell.then it turned into a beta.

    i didnt buy the game to get in early like i said. i bought it because it was almost out.

    at this rate sc2 will be out before xysion

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    Re:about the test server announcement

    the way i see it is that a pice of software will always have bugs and some times those bugs are so big that the programmers have to use more time on the game then expected and that is how it has always been and will always be. just go to the store and buy a big can of patiense and maybe a tube of Things Take Time

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    Re:about the test server announcement

    i normally would agree with the original post.

    its never good to sell a product, then keep delaying to customers from getting it.

    but for this game, given who is leading the devs, who is building the game, who is testing the game.... i think this could work out for the best soon.

    i worked directly with Jooky (Jordi) during the RV days, i can say from experience that the biggest bugs, worst lag and most unexpected crap will not even slow him down, he is a brilliant programmer, and would only have picked the best to build this game.

    the delays are in because the game is not done, it was clear that the game would be in production for a while (its less than 2 years of production as it is!) get over it.

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    Re:about the test server announcement

    And anyone who thought the idea of the game getting released a couple of weeks after it was first introduced to the public, no matter what the optimistic devs said, was pretty naive. And when people attempted to advise them that there was no reason to expect the game to work smoothly upon release or that it would get released on time they were labeled trolls and berated.

    So really you set yourself up for disappointment by not thinking rationally.

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