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    Xyson tutorials or guides?

    Hello all Update
    I have noticed in the game that many new players feel totally disoriented and without knowing what to do..Thus I have decided to make a quick guide for the beginner players.

    In the first place my advice is to read the features list again very carefully,because many of the player questions are answered there.

    What should you do?

    To know and experience the world.
    Open the window of resources while running.
    Discover the different areas to get resources.
    Create several toons to see what tools have each one by default. (you will need tools from other crafter skills.
    Try different settings and options menu.

    Try and learn all the different actions:

    Scavengingdepends of the area and the level you will find more or less stuff )in your resources window you will see metal,cloth,leather or plastic resources,needed for crafting,best areas to scavenge are scrapyards. Not all the stuff you wil find it is usefull right now.

    Logging:create a character that takes axe with enough strengh to lift long logs.At the moment you can use the logs to create roofs or bridges.

    Terraforming: make sure of creating a character that have a shovel.With terraforming you can do lots of things, imagine a project and do it,Be creative. bridges,fortress,houses,twons,or roads.

    Hidding:your character become invisible.

    Crafting:you can only try basketry,tailoring,leathercraft,toolcraft and weaponsmith at the moment.Craftsmen depend on tools and supplies from other craftsmen.

    Combat: Combat specialty moves gained through experience. .Manual targeting, affected by abilities.

    Fishing:To fish you need a pole,so better start with this skill.

    Drinking and eating: This is necessary if you want to do actions without losing so much energy so drink water and eat some fish or some foraging plants.

    Foraging: You can find usefull plants foraging.

    Hunting: Animals are already in so you should be able to find some different creatures like bears deers raccons and coyotes,also you need a knife to skin and get bones from them.

    Firestarting: You can set up a fire and you will need some stuff to do that,so explore and you will find them.

    You can use some commands for chat as:

    /h "nickname".....for help
    /w "nickname".....for whispering
    /t "nickname".....for tribes
    /g "nickname".....for guilds
    /p "nickname".....for party

    What can't you do at the moment:

    tribes,quest,economy,some communication features,housing.

    Some resources like limestone,branches are not for the time being usefull.

    I also attach the controls guide.

    I hope you enjoy and thank you for your patience until the game is completed.

    Thank you.

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

    Cunk video showing the terraforming tutorial.

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

    Nice job on it. just make sure not to give away all our trade secrets. :laugh:

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

    Really nice thanks a lot for this guide.
    i'm impatient to test it

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

    Might want to mention the difference between scavenging and gathering resources in refuse piles (which people often refer to as scavenging).

    You can gather sortable resources like leather, cloth, metal, and plastic only in refuse piles. Refuse piles have a dark reddish texture with some animal skeletons mixed in and they make a distinctive noise when you walk over them.

    Scavenging in general can be done anywhere and is performed by right-clicking the button with the Nut on it. When scavenging works you'll often get some of the things that would result from sorting resources but sometimes you can get stuff that isn't available that way. And a few things don't appear to be usable yet.

    More detailed description of resource gathering in refuse piles:

    Refuse piles are where you can gather leather, cloth, metal, and plastic resources. If you have the Resource Panel open (left click on the button with the shovel and pick) you will see what resources are available for gathering as you walk around, in various combinations. Right click on the one you want to gather. You can put up to 4 bundles of a single type of resource on your back (this goes for grass, twigs, and branches too). Once you have at least one bundle on your back you can right click on it in the back slot of your Packs window (or Inventory window) to sort it (unless it's grass, twigs, or branches which aren't sorted). You will sort one bundle at a time so if you have 4 bundles on your back you will need to sort 4 times. You also need to have 4 empty slots in your backpack in order to sort a bundle which is where the resulting items will be placed.

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

    Here is what happens if you die:

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?


    This is an advanced log's roof tutorial to make a roof as long as you want and perfect!

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    Re:Xyson tutorials or guides?

    Worth mentioning that the logs seem to stack best when they are all from the same type of tree.

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