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    long download times

    I seem to be stuck on 1.76 GB download , which has taken almost 24 hours to reach, there also is no resume/pause button so I am afraid to abort the download for now in case I need to restart all over lol..Its stuck on Data\\Zone.xsip. Thought there was a feature that would continue downloading from last place if your connection is interrupted ? the download speed is very slow and I have downloaded large files before this one, recently. :S so its not the ISP or whatever.. anyone else with same problem?

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    Re:long download times

    i aborted my first dl (was getting 5k/s so got no where after a couple of hours) restarted first thing this morning and it started again from beginning. only took a couple of hours to dl then, think slowness is due to lots of ppl being let in and dling together. Donno about it freezing tho

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    Re:long download times

    have restarted it now and it seems to of saved where I was stuck before. Hopefully this time round the DL will be faster :unsure:

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