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    Client Loading Times

    I finally got my ea e-mail but since then I have only been able to log in once as the client takes ages to login...

    The first time took like 20min and ever since that I haven't been able to get in and I have waited up to 60min before losing patience... On the loading screen it just hangs at Loading Events: everything before that loads really quickly...

    Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    I think the longer loading time is due to terraforming, the client needs to update the word. But never takes longer than 2 mins or so for me.

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    similar case here. it takes about 5 minutes to get beyond "loading base trees". all other steps are so fast I even don't know what they are. never had a chance to read them.

    I think Jordi should benchmark those times. Strangely, I have the impression clients take up times for different things...

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    I'm curious if he's downloading every bit of terrain that has changed. If so hopefully he can optimize it to only download localized changes and then stream the rest if you start moving to different zones.

    I know he's talking about baking changes into your local terrain cache but that won't solve the issue of needing to download large amounts of data if you haven't been on in a long time.

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    I think just the terrain might not be that much data.
    Say each vertex in the grid takes 2 bytes (16 bit fixed point 0.00-6553.60 in 0.10 steps).
    A zone has 4096 x 4096 cells (0.5 meters per cell, coords from 0 to 2048).
    that totals to 32 MB/zone.
    when packed (with LZW or other similar deflate algorithm) it might be as low as 4 MB/zone...
    by todays standards that's not much.
    I think it takes so long because some procedure runs on startup.
    maybe it's speedtree... who knows?

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    Tiles are actually 1m so that would be even less data. But your compression estimates might be optimistic. I've never seen something other than text data that compress that much (losslessly).

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    what is your download speed?

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    I got the same issue with the loading screen.

    But after 1 day I will not give, I will try to load the screen for 7 days and then I will start to get somewhat impatient.

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    It depends on where the server is located... To give you an idea, the client took me about30hrs to download because it kept freezing at stages - I then aborted and resumed it so that it would continue...

    I really hope this gets sorted because I would like to help the testing along = /

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    Re:Client Loading Times

    I've been experiencing similar problems. Have a 10mb connection and all other games I play I can log in fine (eg ddo take about 30secs).

    I'm from the UK, during the morning/afternoon it'll take a 1-5mins to get from the char selection screen to in game. In the evenings I tend to give up I rarely get past the connected bit before the char selection screen. And the couple of times it did get past that after waiting 10+ mins on the loading entities I gave up.

    I know that I will be getting less bandwidth in the evenings due to more people using it but again all other games still work fine during this time.

    As I work I will usually only be able to play during the evening/weekend and if I cant even log in during the evenings I won't be able to do much testing

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