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    Test Server::: Bug : Terraforming (issue)

    So, I was building my little castle fort here everything was going along just great THEN BOOM! I was digging a trench around it and then my land jumped up about 10 feet with a water patch on the square.. so I dug... And from that 1 small dig i made this...

    located: zone 210 POS: 872.06 | 2045.32 |452.79 (this is where the SS was taken from)

    My character is bugged in death mode from falling off of it or i would take a better SS LOL

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    Re:Test Server::: Bug : Terraforming (issue)

    from times and seeing what talking about on the game it seems at same time that happen to you it sucked me under with you :P

    I delete chars make a new one, but seems after little bit same issue happens =(.

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