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    Test Server: Crafting Bug

    It would seem anything I craft on the test server, at least from Basketry (will try others shortly) the items are deleted when I log out - IF they are equipped.

    Upon logging back in the only things I have are my starter clothes and weapon, plus whatever is in my inventory - but the equipped crafted items are gone. I managed to replicate this multiple times both after clean log outs (ESC -> Exit) and crashes.

    Scavenged items seem to persist, however crafted ones don't.

    If anyone cares to confirm the above, would be helpful.

    **TEMPORARY WORKAROUND: If you put the items in your inventory before logging you can save them.

    On the same note - but not a bug, it seems like the fail rate on the test server has been upped a bit - I think this is good, but should have waited until there's less drag'n'drop required for crafting. (if it's the same, I'm going crazy and had a huge fail streak >>)

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    Re: Test Server: Crafting Bug

    I've experienced the same thing, everything I crafted by basketry disappeared after logout if I was wearing it. I had cowboy hat and scarf too, they stayed on the character, but it has another bug, it cannot be removed Even if I put the cowboy hat and the scarf into my inventory and log out, the character will wear it again when I log back. The hat and the scarf appear on the character and in the inventory too, they duplicate. I can move one set into another bag (container) on the ground, my character will still wear the first set (though I had 1 hat and 1 scarf before, now I have 2).

    After that logging in another character she can open the bag on the ground and take the hat and scarf from it and wear it, but when she logs out both items disappears.

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