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    any reason for five crashes in an hour?

    is there? Something particularly going on or just more stability issues?

    When there are not massive lag spikes its not so bad, other than the pvp, but soon as lag hits usually theres a crash or it lasts 2-5 min and then clears up.

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    Re:any reason for five crashes in an hour?

    It's because you're playing on the main server which doesn't have any of the stability fixes that were recently tested on the test server. But you're stuck there because the test server is down.

    Although I wonder why he couldn't move the test server code over to the main server now. It certainly was an improvement.

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    Re:any reason for five crashes in an hour?

    good info, ya I was gonna hop on test server but.... as you said the code hasnt transfered. I'm all in for a wipe/update

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