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    Single shoulder pad

    I build a grass shoulder pad and equipped it and a shoulder pad appeared on my right shoulder. Cant find anywhere to put a 2nd shoulder pad (for my left shoulder) Should the one shoudler pad made a shoulder pad appear on both shoulders?

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    Re: Single shoulder pad

    As intended for some reason.

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    Re:Single shoulder pad

    its cause 1 shoulder pad just looks best anyone can be balanced it takes a real man/woman to be a bit off.

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    Re:Single shoulder pad

    But in Xsyon if you wear one shoulder pad you're just following the crowd.

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    Re:Single shoulder pad

    In the logo at the top of this screen the guy in grass armour has 2 shoulder pads..I want 2 too!

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    Re:Single shoulder pad

    I think thats a different recipe. I dont think all the grass (or most crafting prof for that matter) of the recipes are enabled.

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