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    Tribal Advancements

    Just and idea i had for tribe evolution/adavancement where at each level you get to advance in 1 trade or trade related skill. This would make tribe trade that much more valuable.

    Rank 0
    starting tribe

    Rank 1
    you can pick to improve 1 of 3 skills.
    -improved gathering
    -improved mining
    -improved lumberjacking

    Rank 2
    pick 1 of 3 new or 1 old skill.
    -improved weapon crafting
    -improved armor crafting
    -improved construction

    I didnt really give it to much thought just came up with the basic idea, but I think it would help trade if some other tribes have weapons or armor you dont have and you could trade items they cant create for them.

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    Re: Tribal Advancements

    I like the idea, a lot of other mmos use a similar system, but the bounus must be balaced correctly

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