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    Tailoring and Leathercraft

    Hey together,
    well - I guess this is mainly a noob's problem - and may result in not completetly so far understanding 'what is IN what' in Xsion - but anyway I decided to ask instead of trying some more hours to find ... yes: THREAD

    I want to tailor something or make something with leathercraft, and what I mainly need is THREAD.
    Some friendly co-player (thanks) advised me to collect scrap-cloth which I have done earlier because I supposed it could be found there (after sorting for sure), but after about 40 tries I resigned lol.
    So: Where can 'thread' (this thing on a bubbin) be found.
    And, if asking, then another one: Where do I get a needle if I have only leather-craft (and logging, terraforming, so no tailorcraft, but for leathercraft-stuff you need a needle too).

    Oh well, this are problems in sight of the peace of the world I know but well ...


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    Re: Tailoring and Leathercraft

    Thread cannot be found, you need to craft it with basketry or tailoring skill. Same with needle, if you make a character with basketry he will start with a needle in his bag. So the best is to make a basketry character, a tailoring one and a leatherworking one, you can supply yourself this way. Store the needed materials in a bag, drop it, log in with the other character and take the stuffs from the bag on the ground. Even better if you find other players with the needed skill and you get help from them

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    Re:Tailoring and Leathercraft

    I also have a leathercrafting question.

    Do all leathercaps look alittle creepy?

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    Re: Tailoring and Leathercraft

    aaaaah, great jadzia, that makes sense.
    you made my day +hugs+

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    Re: Tailoring and Leathercraft

    frogeye wrote:
    aaaaah, great jadzia, that makes sense.
    you made my day +hugs+
    You're welcome, I'm glad I could help

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    Re: Tailoring and Leathercraft

    Actually cowboy hat looks great, I love it

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    Re: Tailoring and Leathercraft

    Also remember that the craftin is experimantal so later i belive/hope that the different matterials vill give crafted items different attributes

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    Re: Tailoring and Leathercraft

    hey ,? is their a new test server update,other than the may 20th one??

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