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Thread: off time?

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    off time?

    I can not login at the moment.
    Tried 5 times, but after entering the pw it lasts around 10 seconds and then the login is cleared again and prompting.
    In the logfile there isn't something useful, besides that timestamps are actualized. Response time via ping for is normal (160ms).

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    Re: off time?

    well, everything first looked normal again now.
    login was possible, but then I'm not able to create a new character.
    deleting an old one though worked lol.
    logfile: Fri May 28 08:40:39 2010 : Warning: Timeout Server
    that's weird because a regular logoff worked then.

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    Re: off time?

    heh, your lucky...cant even get into login due to my Monitor for some reason...first time in 15 years a monitor was the problem =op

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    Re: off time?

    lol Risk.
    update: works again now - why ever.
    maybe the shark has stopped nibbling at the atlantic fibre cable

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