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    My little mountian path...

    I was exploring and a came across this very nice spot with waterfalls on both sides so I started to Develop it. it took me 3-4 hours to get this path up the cliff...

    [video width=640 height=385 type=youtube]ov395MSiaj0[/video]

    Here is another I just recorded

    [video width=640 height=385 type=youtube]Dl-mq6nXflY[/video]

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    Re: My little mountian path...

    great work zasdman. the plateau looks like a beautiful place for a home.

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    Re: My little mountian path...

    Nice work! I'll try and use it sometime.

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    Re:My little mountian path...

    thats pretty cool, if you have a ton of time on your hands, add some logs as guardrails

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    Re:My little mountian path...

    Nice. I made something like that, but it wasn't done as well as your path.

    Terraforming rock is a bug, though. We probably won't be able to do that in the future.

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    Re:My little mountian path...

    I have added more and will be posting a new video soon lol

    Edit Check OP for 2nd Vid

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    Re:My little mountian path...

    the second one is cool, seems a bit dangerous though. dont hurt yourself now, and dont run with scissors!

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    Re:My little mountian path...

    Really well done! This makes me think of the cliff dwelling Anasazi cliff dwelling Indians of the American Southwest. It would be cool to have a tribe modeled after them.

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    Re:My little mountian path...

    This is a really nice look at the terraforming feature. I hope you won't mind that we've published and article on our site with your video to let others know more about the game. You can check the article out here:

    Thank you to the players who have gotten into the early play session for sharing with us.

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