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Thread: and i did it

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    and i did it

    pre-order see u guys in the game (soon as i get let in no hurry) ....been thinking about it for a few months and just did it

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    Re:and i did it

    Hey in my email it says my accnt has been set to active , is this the same with everyone ? (i.e typical email when preorderd ) or is this because im actually in ?

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    Re:and i did it

    You're probably actually in. They're all caught up on pre-orders so I assume anyone that pre-orders now will get in immediately.

    Have you been following the forums during those few months you were thinking about it?

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    Re:and i did it

    i try to as much as my job allows me free time ...i try to hang out in the chat more then forums

    trying to stay up on everything, last thing i was reding about pre order and let ins was a lot of crying so i stopped looking at who/when/what was let in

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    Re:and i did it


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    Re:and i did it

    I'm just saying I hope you're not surprised by the current unfinished state of the game. And as a result the server can be fairly quiet so don't expect to find bustling villages.

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    Re:and i did it

    no i do not expect this to be a finished game at ALL!!!!

    i actually am just ready to watch it unfold and help out as much as i can

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    Re:and i did it

    Also, what happens if the game crashes then i get ..already logged in error ...

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    Re:and i did it

    Just wait a couple of minutes

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    Re:and i did it

    Welcome to the hopeful.

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