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Thread: The Lag Monster

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    The Lag Monster

    I am really enjoying this game right now and can see it becoming an amazing game unlike any other... but the lag is a monster...

    Why do we have such crazy lag? There are only ever half a dozen people logged on so I don't get why there is so much lag. Is there a known reason? Are we teraforming to the extent that the world changes are causing it?

    I'm sure we would all like to know...


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    Re:The Lag Monster

    The current lag is when server save data.This problem will be fixed at some point.

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    Thanks for the update... any clue when this will be fixed? It is seriously bad this evening (Sunday 30th May).

    Also, are there things that peeps need to avoid doing... like building islands, building dams across waterfalls, digging 1 mile deep holes or 1 mile high towers?

    Any clues?

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    Hello kdalts,

    Are you experiencing lag (delayed chat, delays moving items around your inventory etc.), or just slow framerate (and a lagged mouse cursor)?

    Both issues are being worked on though the most important right now is actual server lag. The server update might be ready at the end of the week (along with a lot of other changes), as we already are testing the changes, but we'll see how the week goes.

    As for things not to do... right now it doesn't matter much.

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    First let me say that I am really enjoying playing around with terraforming, and well done to Bossman for organising South Ranch, love to see teamwork in action. But it's very annoying not being able to log on. So many times during about 6pm - 11pm week nights I am unable to get past the connected bit before the account name pass screen. Please tell me this issue is fixed in the next update. Only being to test while I'm at work is going to be pointless. I know that my internet connection will be slower during that time due to increased traffic, but every other online game I play may have slight delays getting in, but nothing to this degree.

    Once again great game even though there's v little to do atm

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    that's very odd, you should not be having this problem at all. Does it time out or...?

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    occasionally i get the d3d error i posted about last week, most of the time i just abort it after about 20mins.

    'D3D Device Creation Failed: -2005530520' was the error i get occasionally incase you cant find it in the other thread.

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    Xsyon wrote:
    Hello kdalts,

    Are you experiencing lag (delayed chat, delays moving items around your inventory etc.), or just slow framerate (and a lagged mouse cursor)?
    Personally, I am having the most problems with straight up lag. Delayed chat, delayed moving of items, delayed actions, ect. What is worse, is that if an action is clicked on but not actually preformed, unless I stand still and wait (doing absolutely nothing)for a couple minutes so the lag delayed action completes, I get disconnected. Preform too many actions in a row, while lagging, and disconnection.

    Once disconnected, I have to wait a couple more minutes for the server to clear out my log in.

    After that, when logging back in, and I have timed it, it takes me about a full 3 minutes to load the world. (well, 2min and 50sec on average)

    Now I expect this is only occurring when the server is saving data, because it is not constant.

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    only 3 mins to load the world? Can take me up to 20!

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    Re:The Lag Monster

    well, thats with time out's. I have goten the same when there is real heavy lag, and I crash.

    I just hope things get better with the next patch. I know my system is a bit on the weak side, but these load times make things real difficult.

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