My first impression of the game is "WOW THIS HAS A LOT OF POTENTIAL"

with that said i just wanted to give a little inpu that mightt help tweak things.

-jumping- Slow the rate of stam use when jumping multi times or add some kind of delay between jumps -right now u can hit space bar as many times as u want really quik and the stam goes down super fast but does not actually make you jump higher, faster,or more often (it actually takes away from you jumping)

-run/walk speeds - maybe speed up the run speed and leave walk were it is at , takes far far to long to run or walk anyplace .. almost seems like i am on slow mode even when in run mode. Slow mode seems ok - just need to kick run up a few notches , as it stands now you cantreally tell a diff in the two that much .

-combat- good start , but i hink it would be cool to add some kind of actions you could do like maybe some kind of impale,whirlwind , or power attack to just add something to the mix. maybe impale would thrust a wpn towards someone with both hands on whatever the item is your using and makes the attack do more damage (yes i understand the combat is still undergoing alot of work)

-death - I think it would be cool when you died to have the body become scavangeable (spelling isnt the best so stay with me here ...) so you could kinda pick through some items you may need .

-waterfals - a lot of the waterfalls have edges to them that are going over the natural edge , maybe a easy fix or maybe not , just thought it would be worth letting you know about it to help the efforts

-grass- when you move the camera you can kinda see the grass lift up from the world sometimes (like hover aboe it) ..nothing major here .

-camera- the camera follow could use a bit of help when you are in water or on the side of a hill. As it is right now you have to manually scroll the camera in to be able to look around or see more then jus whatever direction you are headed (up/dwn). Dont know if its possible but maybe have it auto scroll in with it detects a object keeping you from moving the camera in any diretion

-interface- Not to bad as people make it sound honestly . but maybe smooth it out a bit and make it a bit easier to find how stuf is suppose to be placed or moved (not really hard to figure out really but maybe someone might be getting stck on this one ) . Maybe even a simple skin change so its not so plain looking . Simple little smooth edges and changes make a world of a diffrence to the few ppl who complain about how the gui looks lol.

Well i dont want to go on a rant here with to much . If this kind of feedback is welcome please let me know and i will cnt to post anything small/big i see that may need attention to . Again , i love the game so far guys and cant wait to see how it shapes up .