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    How to download the client?

    i wil give xsyon a try and want to pre order it today
    can i download the client before?
    and where?

    thx for your help

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    Re:How to download the client?

    You have to wait untill they Email you with the link for the download. Mine took five days to get after my pre-order.

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    Re:How to download the client?

    so you can give me the link maybe?

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    Re:How to download the client?

    But if your account has not been activated yet you still wont be able to get into the game yet.

    Edited: Please don't post the link here in the public section.


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    Re:How to download the client?

    Took close to 2 weeks for me. I don't think you're supposed to hand out the link for the client. I seem to remember an insident like that already.

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    Re:How to download the client?

    Download instructions are now sent out with your pre-order confirmation, so there is no wait time.

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    Re:How to download the client?

    Danga sorry bout posting link. Didnt mean any harm, was just trying to help out

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    Re:How to download the client?

    It's no problem hookie. Thanks for offering help!

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    I just preordered and I did not get a link =(

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    Even if you have the link, you need an account to log in and start patching. So the link is useless without an account. At least that's how it worked for me.

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