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    Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    SO I was wondering around and Nightsky was talking about his floating log cabin... So I wanted to see it!

    When I got there there was a floating Log Cabin, But Nightsky did not want to stop there... He wanted it floating 100 feet above water.

    So Nightsky and I worked together for about 5 hours to completely dig out the side of the mountain...

    Red Man shows up and does the unthinkable... he jumps over and eventually kills himself...

    [video width=480 height=385 type=youtube]bonZ03kgqe4[/video]

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    Anyone know a reliable way to make Youtube post these as 1080p? I am encoding them at 1080p and youtube has only used one at 1080p so far hehe...

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    Man, I put like about 24 hours straight into that sucker. Between crashing every 10-15 min from packing logs across zone lines, to general server lag... It was all I could do to stay awake at the end. In fact, I probably nodded off a couple times towards the end.

    Don't think I will do that much teraforming for a while.

    And the video does have to option to view in 1080 HD, so I guess you did it right, but it just defaults to the lower resolution... I guess...

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    Awesome work, congrats !

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    quite amazing :cheer:

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    Yes. very cool!

    I wonder if this sort of building will be possible at game launch? It is not realistic in terms of physics yet with magic and old gods returning this could be seen as a sign that reality is changing.

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    I am going to assume that they will make logs stick to the terrain eventually. Otherwise there is just too many exploits that people can do with floating logs.

    Take my floating cabin idea, and just grow it from there... Can you imagine entire villages floating on log platforms 60ft above the floor? Who needs walls, when there is 0% chance that enemies can get to you. You could just stand on the platforms and throw feces at them all day, until they left.


    Heh, but seriously, its a major exploit. And if left in, I will wager anything that people will use it. Even if they shortcut things, and just make logs "fall" to the terrain once server saves... They already have this effect (although probably not intentional), that after server save, any log on a slop will be sticking straight out after save (and your crash ofcourse).

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    In Other Words .... Gravity is bugged. :blink:

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    When you set any object down you can teraform from under it so it appears to be floating. Nothing special to see here, carry on...

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    Re:Nightsky's Floating Log Cabin....

    Well, if we moved on like ya said, there would be nothing to do. Period.

    You can run crafting out in a couple hours, so the only thing holding most people's attention, is playing in the dirt, and doing tricks with suspended logs (as they are about the only thing with collision). So now its a race in-between each server reset to see who can make the most elaborate town/structure with a combination of terraforming and logs.

    And it's actuality quite fun to get your project finished and see the end results, as most of these "tricks" probably won't be around for very long. It also teaches you a lot about the intricate behavior of terraforming, which will come in handy later.

    Now, I already got my next project planned out, and should end up looking a lot better then this sad little cubicle, without all the massive terraforming under that. Once is quite enough, thankyou!

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