I'm not pretending to be an expert but I figured some basics when it comes to working with logs...

1 - Never try laying logs vertically, for now. They will reset to horizontal if the server restarts and float in mid-air (I'm informed this is a bug)

2 - Make sure that the surface is as level as possible before laying logs

3 - Always use the same log types (ie: long douglas firs) in the same direction. It's ok to use a different type for a 'cross-beam' although this is really just eye-candy as the logs will hold together without a cross-beam

4 - After the 1st couple of logs you may find that the next few logs stack on top of those already laid... do not be concerned about this.. just leave them for now and you will see that eventually the next log (or the one after) will lie flat against the ground level ones. At this point you can start to remove the stacked logs and work along the the already laid ground level logs. Hard to explain but sometimes, depending on the terrain, you will see upto 5 or 6 logs stack before the next will lay on the ground

5. The direction you face can be important if you are building to an edge... try facing the opposite way

6. Remember to stand 'perpendicular' to the laid logs if you want to lay them side by side

Anyway... I'm sure others will have other tips....

I hope this helps

Bossman out...