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    Pits of Death and Dispare!!!

    Here is what happens when you terraform over zone lines...

    Thanks Nightsky

    *Still processing by youtube*

    [video width=480 height=385 type=youtube]Izif_I4kQLY[/video]

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    Re:Pits of Death and Dispare!!!

    I think I saw those very same pits. Anyone happen to fall in them yet?

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    Re:Pits of Death and Dispare!!!

    The 1 i dug happened to be in a river so luckily my guy then started treading water

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    Re:Pits of Death and Dispare!!!

    Yes I did die. The first one (the largest hole, as I tried to fill them back in, and it crashed me a second time, so I left them alone) dropped me to about 5% life left. The second one straight up killed me.

    On the first hole, I was trying to level terrain, so I could build a road over it, and that's what dropped me down. The second time I was trying to raise terrain.

    His video didn't show it too clearly, but at this paticular zone line intersection, it caused a verticle running cleft, so maybe that was the source of the problem to begin with: A buggy zone line. Here is the screen shot I took:

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    Re:Pits of Death and Dispare!!!

    I saw this in the news today. Guatemala City aftermath from a bad tropical storm.

    Real life pit of despair.

    There was a three story building on that corner.

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