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Thread: Chat bubbles

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    Chat bubbles

    It would be amazing to have chat bubbles

    regional chats are wothless because in a pvp situation you dont have time to look in your chat.

    imagine if you attack some random guy and try to kill him because he gathering your resource / whatever and 5 after you killd the poor bastard and lootet him you see in the puplic chat if there wil be a puplic chat ) < hey im sorry dont kill me i give all stuff back didnt know thats yours > etc etc

    so maybe if you know what he told you if you fight him you didnt kill him .

    i missed that feature extreme in DF and killed many times ( and get killed ) someome.

    and its nice for the roleplayers

    btw my english is not the best

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    Maybe, if we had the ability to turn it on/ off

    I think at times it would be cool.

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    Cuel is totally correct this was sorely missed in Darkfall and NEEDS to be added to Xsyon, for pretty much the exact same reason, along with a million other scenarios when it would be either helpful or vital.

    I am also fairly sure that Jooky will implement this some time in the future.

    However the problem is that if you allow players to turn it off it can completely defeat the purpose of the system. A player may be rapidly typing to his atttacker thinking the player can see the text above his head while the attacker may have it turned off and thus we are left with a very similar problem as we began with.

    A much better idea would be to just make the text only show over a very small radius, make it look good ie immersive as possible and non intrusive.

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    Ugh. Chat bubbles are awful. Not only do they look stupid they make it really hard to follow a conversation among several people. Plus there's no history. Which I guess could be argued is more realistic but I don't think that matters.

    I mean if they had to be implemented I wouldn't want them to be visible beyond a few meters.

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    There is an excellent example on how to implement chat bubbles in SWG. The radius depends on if you whisper (not the same as private message), speak or shout. The borders show which you used (much as like as in a comic book).

    You can set how long they should stay, which is always in relation to the text length, and with what font size (small/medium/large). They are non-obstrusive, never overlap, can be switched off (but nobody does it because they actually work very well) and are also dumped to the chat screen (e.g. "Cunk says, Ugh. Chat bubbles...").

    Further, there is an excellent feature that I have NEVER seen anywhere else. Just this is extremely well done. It is a kind of "gesticulation" which binds emotes to text typed.

    When you write something like "hello" or "hi" or "good morning" or similar, the avatar does the /greet emote when the bubble appears. Same goes for questions (question mark in the end) or if you write "please" on the beginning (/beg emote). there are many many more and it completely fits into the scene.

    when you click another player you select him and the head turns to that direction. so when two people stand next to each other and have selected each other they look one another, even if one stands sideways or moves around.

    add chat bubble, head moving (looking on target) and "gesticulations" and you won't believe how immersive this is...

    it's really impressive. especially when you are trading or enter a pub full of people chatting to each other...

    if you haven't seen it you should! there is a emulator so you don't need to get on the official servers (but you need an original copy of the client and installation is not too simple but isn't hard either).

    the nice thing is that it's all done client-side, the server is not charged by all of this. to the server it just looks like a simple chat (the only info it requires to do that is the time, the text, the mode (say/shot/whisper/...), the source and the target of the chat).

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    really liked how SWG did it as well. And it made it easier to follow the conversations of those you were focused on, instead of everyone within a huge radius.

    I REALLY loved that you could whisper, and only those extremely close to you could hear it. made intrigue that much more fun!

    As for the movements, I am not fond of anything more than perhaps head turning towards target and such. And don't add in forced typed emotes. I can't STAND that every time I "that" in a group, my character in Aion points, or if I say hello, I wave to whatever I am targeted on and it types out "You greet mailbox"

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    No to chat bubbles.

    "Hey! Why is that bush talking? Oh, it's Stealthy Mcgee trying to PK us!"

    The only way I'd be ok with it is if it was available while in a Local chat tab and only seen if you checked off a toggle.

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    Chat bubbles =

    if you say somthing with /s theres a chat bubble and only ppl arround you and looking at you see the bubble

    only that ..
    chats like global trade etc dont have any chat bubble thing

    like in UO or WoW

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    Chat bubbles for general chat and town chat would be nice. And there is no global chat in Xsyon, so no problem with it.

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    Re:Chat bubbles

    I suppose chat bubbles would be ok. As long as there is an option to turn them off as well.

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