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Thread: Reset Terrain

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    Reset Terrain

    When I first started they had just reset the terrain and the game hardly lagged, but since then has gotten progressively worse and worse. Right now we hit huge patches of lag I guess while the server is 'baking' in the new terrain changes and the game is unplayable for up to 15 minutes at a time. Pretty much useless half the time to play now since the server is so lagged.

    If you want an idea of what I am talking about start a new char in Round Tree and look at the 400 ft wall which goes miles and miles around and ecompasses a giant new lake it formed.

    You can reset the terrain and it will leave objects to fix this lag like you did before and hopefully these guys will relax on the over-teraforming they have been doing.

    Hate to be a buzz-kill for them, but the game is hardly playable from their actions.

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    yep, i agree to that too ^^. no lag is good lag

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    agree about the terrain reset

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    I agree with the terrain reset , but the problem still remains - people will stil be able to terrafrom anywhere until the new coding is in place to stop it.

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    from my understanding, the developers are using this information to find a permanent fix for extreme terraforming with the code itsself so that extreme terriforming will not cause lag. Even if its more restricted you have to admit it is a good idea to have the code right.

    AND NO!!! I am not the guy that made the 400 foot wall :woohoo:

    Its, insane how much time some people have :woohoo:

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    So do we think we can be good boys and girls with the terrain now after last nights wipe?

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    Can I do stuff with logs?

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    Re:Reset Terrain


    Just stand there and admire the scenery.

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    Nails wrote:
    Can I do stuff with logs?
    I think we have a don't ask don't tell policy, what you do with logs is your business. lol.

    On a slightly more serious note, do what ever you want to do 'for testing purposes'. Just be curtious in knowing that this is a Beta and many things that can be done probably will not be done at release.

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    Re:Reset Terrain

    This over-teraforming lag will not be a problem once Tribal lands are put in and there are some restrictions on it.

    Thank you for the lag fix Devs, much appreciated!

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