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    allow setting of terrain height

    I dont consider myself a perfectionist, but when I terraform a wall i'd like it to all be the same height. I find the leveling terraform option a pain to use as it never seems to do what I want it to. eg when I'm leveling an area and the neighbouring areas are 0.10 in height difference it seems random which height it chooses for the area I'm trying to level. Would it be possible to add a slider or something to the raise and lower terraforming actions to set how much to raise and lower (in 0.10 increments, with a max of 0.50) to make it easier to get the terrain the same height. You could even make your terraform skill level effect the max you can raise/lower the terrain by.

    Another idea could be that when you level an area it copies the height of the neighbouring area in the direction you are facing (if it's within a certain height limit (eg 0.50) of the leveled area.

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    Re:allow setting of terrain height

    It felt like I spent almost all my time trying to get things perfectly level. Sometimes it was perfect but most of the time it was impossible to maintain across more then two or three squares.
    I understand I'm being a bit OCD about this. But hey I can't help myself.

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    Re:allow setting of terrain height

    The game is definitely going to need better terraforming actions to flesh out that aspect of the game. I'd prefer just an additional pair of buttons for raising/lowering by 0.10m increments.

    But it's also going to need the ability to raise and lower tile corners. You're not always going to want to make things flat. Making a smooth ramp is a major pain (although it would be much easier with the ability to adjust in 0.10m increments).

    However, I haven't experienced the unpredictability you have. I've found that when the height difference between two tiles is 0.10m and you flatten the slope in between them, it always raises the lower edge. I've made a number of platforms and walls in every direction, all with perfectly flat results. I'm not sure why you're having trouble.

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    Re:allow setting of terrain height

    Terraforming is one of the easiest things to do in game and being one of the few things we can do in Beta many folks managed to reach high skill levels in it.

    Now I like to be a perfectionist at times so I agree with the above posters but I don't want there to be just more actions that allow this (well maybe those actions can be made available at higher skill levels). While scavenging this weekend I came across two different types of shovels, other than the beginner one. Most folks terraformed with their starter shovel, so I would like to see different tools have different affects when it comes to modifying terrain. Also, perhaps to perform more complicated tasks would require multiple people.

    It would be nice to see as a player progresses in this skill more options become available, but those options are just as or mabye a little bit more challenging to accomplish. Thus would separate the novice terraformer from the Supreme Master.

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    Re:allow setting of terrain height

    Yeah, all that makes sense.

    Also consider that eventually the coordinates will be turned off so perfectionists will need some way to measure things. Maybe some sort of rudimentary surveying tools would be a nice addition.

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    Re:allow setting of terrain height

    Maybe being able to grab an area then press level,then your toon works round grabbed area and levels.With a restriction on grab size to something useful that reflects type of things to build,ie roof top,length of wall top,section of ground.

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    Re:allow setting of terrain height


    at the current terraform status you should level ground terrain before start building walls,then all altitude will be the same.

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    Re:allow setting of terrain height

    celestial_fury wrote:

    at the current terraform status you should level ground terrain before start building walls,then all altitude will be the same. long as no error occurs, because often errors cannot be undone and a lot of prepartion is lost with a simple click.

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