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Thread: Updater bug

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    Updater bug

    Not exactly sure what this bug would fall under, but I've been busy and just recently downloaded the new updater (march 20th, and have had a rather interesting issue.

    if you look closely you can see the file size is rather large. In fact, it is more space than I have on both of my hard drives combined and is possibly pushing NASA's computers to the limit.


    I am going to try and reinstall the game tonight using the new installer, since overwriting it obviously didn't work lol

    or could this possibly be a display error causing the number to be displayed in bits instead of GB?

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    Re:Updater bug

    Please refer to this sticky here.

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    Re:Updater bug

    Hello Shrimps,

    Please just delete your xsyon.exe and run the launcher again. There's no need to reinstall everything.

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    Re:Updater bug

    That fixed the problem, I didn't see the sticky but I suppose this issue didn't need another thread. This one can probably be deleted.

    Thanks for the help!

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