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Thread: Odd picture

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    Odd picture

    Did anyone else notice the odd picture in the Xsyon file?

    I'll give you a moment to find it......................

    Did you see it!?!?! I know right!?!

    For those of you thinking somethings wrong, I did in fact take my medication, I am talking about the picture of the raptor.

    I found it by accident while looking for the screenshots (still haven't found them) and doing a .jpg search in the Xsyon folder.

    Also what's the deal with the sound file in the same folder as the picture?

    Please tell me it's the hit sound for all combat animations!!

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    Re: Odd picture

    LOL nice easter egg surprise there. "Donk" (.wav file )
    By the looks of it, its a test storage area... what its for... well lets wait and see, maybe we have raptors to worry about too

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    Re:Odd picture

    Ahh evil mutant turkeys!!! :woohoo:

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    Re:Odd picture

    piease make a screenshot..thx..

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