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    Whats up with that flood barriers?

    so like the devs sayd you cannot terraforming arround waterfals to prefent the world from players that creating huge and ugly mountains

    but what is when you make a litle lake away from the waterfall and digging to a cliff and make the flood barrier there?

    its seems that water and terraforming dont like eachother

    because i see many bugs like now in zone 150 coord 150 1000 ca

    i login and see a huuuuge mountain created with that flood barrier, but there was no lake or water to make that flood barrier stuff

    i hope you understand me because my spelling is not the best

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    Re:Whats up with that flood barriers?

    I think I know what you mean. I was making a small fort last night when I tried to add a moat this was what happened. Was this what you were meaning?

    [video type=youtube]qV_umkTFZ1k[/video]

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    Re:Whats up with that flood barriers?

    not rly i have a video and upload it on youtube so you can see

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    Re:Whats up with that flood barriers?

    Moats are perfectly possible, you are just doign it the wrong way

    Dig FROM the water to where you want, not the other way round. As long as you don't dig into any water, your moat will go fine.

    @Cuel, yes I know what you mean, but this (hopefully) won't be possible once the new code is in place to stop rivers etc being terraformed.

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