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    Looking for a tribe

    Hello, i am looking for a tribe to join. I am still working on downloading the game as i type this thread, and i have played several MMO's over the past several years. My previous games are UO, EQ, EQ2, SWG, CoH, WoW, WAR, AION, GW, RoM, Rappelz, Allods, and a few other free games. I have been a guild leader in a few games, to just a random soloer in several. I have an MMO addiction that seems to need to be filled, and i am not really a hardcore player or a truly casual player. I typically put several hours a day around my work/school/family schedule into playing games.

    What i am looking for in a guild is not one with hand outs or freebies. I am looking for a friendly guild, with somewhat active players who don't mind grouping, hanging out, chatting it up, cutting up and having a good time. I want to be in a tribe that i can feel apart of and can help out in someway, but can also get returned help if i need it. I am not one to ask for help till i can't do it on my own first, and often times i still wont ask for help. Basically what i want in a tribe is a family of friends.

    As far as this game goes, i am still not sure what to expect. I will at least give it the time i get to play now and the 2 months after the 8/15, and i am very interested in playing a game where i get to define my character, not just pick a class and go up defined path. I tend to be mostly a gatherer, but i interested in trying to find some skill in crafting. I tend to be more of a fighter type, so if the tribe needs somemore for a militant side i am game for that too.
    I still don't know what to expect and still haven't got my characters name yet. I am just looking to start off the game, learning all i can about it while trying to find my way in this new world. So while i am doing it i might as well make some friends, join a tribe and become a useful member to some organization. As far as any alignments go, i tend to be a neutral sort of player, but i guess i tend to lean towards a helpful friendly side of things unless someone crosses me wrong, then i want to declare all out war.

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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    ((trust us...many here know about the addiction that must constantly be fed...

    And welcome to the community here! Glad to see new faces.))

    Your interest in finding a community has not gone unnoticed! In fact, our outfit--though small--is always looking to expand with new talent. Our focus is on quality, not quantity! And there are plenty of opportunities in the security department, which you indicated an aptitude for.

    Argentum Vex is a business, and looking for talent in many different areas, including crafting, fighting, gathering, and social aspects.

    I'm impressed with what you have to say. I'd like a chance to meet with you and get to know each other more. We might find our goals are quite compatible.

    ((AV is a group that has been together a long time, playing

    Although we roleplay, it is in the framework of running AV as a family-owned business. There are opportunities for every type of player in the organization, and as players, we pride ourselves in working together and building a fun gaming experience for ourselves and those around us. We are looking forward to growing with other like-minded players who want to advance, explore, economically rule the world--and have fun doing it all!))

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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    cool, i've been dabbling in the world already but finding that still alot of stuff isn't implemented that would be beneficial. Right now i have a toon named Jemini and i am just exploring and fiddling with what few systems seem to be working right now. Mostly terraforming and going to start fiddling with some crafting tommorrow. I already found that lvling right now does nothing for you, and still trying to get use to the stamina bar and moving objects, as well as wishing i knew how we feed and fill our selves with drink.
    I am still curious if perhaps they will including a distilling/cooking crafting skill in the game since apparently we should be able to create fires. After all, brewing has been something that humanity has been doing for a very long time and even in a post apocalyptic world we would still finding ways to make alcoholic drinks.

    As for argentum Vex, do you have a post/website i can get more info? I am not really big on the RP side, i wish i was but after several years of playing MMOs filled with jerks and idiots and people who care less and less about a community, RPing has grown farther and farther from my gaming vocabulary.

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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    Food and drink aren't in the game yet, but you also dont die of thirst or hunger.

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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    The site is easy to reach [url=]here[/url]. It's a bit quiet as we cram to get RL all out of the way before showtime =D

    I can understand becoming disenchanted with communities; it seems the longer I game, the less of any there is. However, that really is something we hope to change. And as a gaming group, our core beliefs are what keep us together as friends between games, and in playing new games together. Gaming with good people and having fun is STILL possible! We can prove it!

    Sadly, when we changed hosting sites, I did not transfer over the sites for the other games (WAR,Vanguard,LotRo), so you can't poke on those boards. It was too much work =P And besides, we all want to come back together under something worthwhile and long term. And the Tahoe Basin is where we are settling.

    As I said, as for roleplay, we are running a family themed business. We will work as a group to help build an immersive world that has many things to do--not just sit around and have emote wars. Besides, who needs to emote stabbing the competition in the back in a dark alley, when you can actually DO it! You can read [url=]about us[/url] in more detail, both as a direction we are aiming as a tribe and as well as out [url=]our group[/url].

    Any questions, feel free to PM me here, there, write a note, or even send a secret message that can only be deciphered by sacrificing small ferrets...

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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    Theres a lot of good groups here, I would suggest going through the recruitment thread, and see if you can find one that appeals to you. Good luck in game, and hope you find what youre looking for.

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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    [b]Jemini78 wrote:[/b]
    [quote] i tend to lean towards a helpful friendly side of things unless someone crosses me wrong, then i want to declare all out war.[/quote]

    That pretty much describes the code of conduct of my guild...



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