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    Terraforming restrictions

    After being in the game a few weeks now i have come to notice one thing .... Terraforming needs to have some kind of restrictions set in place or the world will be ruined by someone bored or just wanting to ruin the game for everyone , Yes i understand that its really one of the only things to do right now but when more people get in the game and start doing it at once the face of the world will change for ever ....

    With this said imagine some bored kid making a huge hole or wall every place you go (just random , not for any given reason) . To combat this i suggest looking into some kind of skill up that allows u to only terraform so much at low lvls , kinda like maybe only able to terraform X amount of land in X amount of time ( example at level 1-25 you can only terraform 2 feet high and up to 3 feet long in one day ...dont freak out this is just a example).

    feel free to add on the ide or even tell me why its a bad idea

    just think there needs to be some kind of limitations , or better way to put it " skill requirements "

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    Only Tribal zones of control will be terraformable once the game is released. And that area is based on the tribe size.

    10 members = 100 meter diameter circle
    Each additional member adds 5 meters to the diameter, or extends the border by 2.5 meters.

    It would take a tribe of 190 members to have a 1 km wide zone of control.

    I believe tribes will have a interest in their settlements and will not create monstrosities like we are seeing now. I think tribes will have permission tools to allow for regulation of who can terraform and terraforming will become a minor aspect of the game.

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    well that works even bette then my suggestion

    thanks bro

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    you mean "thanks sis"

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    indeed i do good sir :P

    mam j/k

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    Scrap piles shold not be terraformable because once changed they dissapear forever right?

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    I'm curious as to what happens when 1 tribes zone runs into another tribes radius, do they overlap in a contested border where the stronger tribe owns the land, or do they share the land?

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    I think this topic has been aired a few times and maybe a sticky from the devs would be useful to explain how zoning and totems will work.

    The Shinra have already designed and built (4 times now) our settlement based on a 20/30 member startup (150mtr diameter). What is still unclear is how terraforming outside that zone will work.

    We are assumming that no one can terraform anywhere unless the land is 'claimed'... 'claimed' meaning a tribe of at least 10 members has placd a totem.

    I hope we have it right :laugh:

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    Re:Terraforming restrictions

    We are assumming that no one can terraform anywhere unless the land is 'claimed'... 'claimed' meaning a tribe of at least 10 members has placed a totem.
    Yes, you have it right.

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