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    Looking for a Tribe...

    I guess its time to find a tribe

    I want a tribe of older and mature players. I just do not want to put up with kids, I have one of my own to deal with

    I prefer a slightly laid back tribe... I would like to have control over how I play, I put in enough time working to make money that I do not want this game to turn into work for me. Thats not to say I will not be helpful or anything...

    I am leaning towards a PvP guild although I will want to focus more on the gathering/crafter side, but I still want to fight...

    Umm Vent a must

    wheeee.... lol

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    Re:Looking for a Tribe...

    Read and reply in the diffrent guilds recruit threads?

    Just a advice. :P

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    Re:Looking for a Tribe...

    I have... just putting my name out there

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    Re:Looking for a Tribe...

    Hijacking with a counter-name-putouttance.

    I'm much better than the last OP.
    The new one is way cooler.

    I stack grass.

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