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    Please..little...little..Info new Features?..

    hi..please give us a little Info over the New Future-->activated Monday/Thuesday?...
    please creatures (lechz) and fighting against (lechz the second)..

    Your Whorlok

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    Re:Please..little...little..Info new Features?..

    I expect they will tell us what new things they added with the update, on Wednesday. :laugh:

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    Re:Please..little...little..Info new Features?..

    one thing to keep in mind with projects as complicated as this. Monday is their goal, Now I would love to see it happen, but odds are small issues will come up and it will be wednesday or Friday before we get to see it.

    One of reasons they are not releasing what will be added to the game. I am sure it could change from now and Monday. For and example all the content works except on of the features is just totally bugged. The best thing at this stage to do would be to leave that part out to be worked on. So if they dont make any promises nobody can get upset :cheer:

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