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    Pending updates ~ Toons

    Does anyone know -

    [li] Will there be a complete character wipe? - I am expecting there to be[/li]
    [li]I'm sure I read somewhere that we will each only get 1 toon each - or did I make this up?[/li]


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    Re:Pending updates ~ Toons

    Yes I read it or yes I made it up?

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    Re:Pending updates ~ Toons

    yes, its all true.

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    Re:Pending updates ~ Toons

    There will be a character wipe before launch, and we'll have 1 character per account, the 3 characters/account is only for testing purposes.

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    Re:Pending updates ~ Toons

    Great... thank you for the clarification

    I'm working on the basis that your toon is not something you will want to re-roll very often once your toon is established so it's important to get it right.

    Anyone seen any guides on the starter stats and what is best for different character types? For example, what is 'perception' best for ?

    Many thanks

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    Re:Pending updates ~ Toons

    Not everything is determined, yet. As the weeks go by and features are turned on, we all will have the opportunity to explore these things.
    Up to release no real harm will be done if you mess up some stats.
    Right now it seems that STR, DEX and INT have actual effects on carrying, running and crafting (in the given order). The other stats are mostly guesswork.

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