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    Crossing the line


    I've had a number of client crashes recently where I cross from one zone to another.... it just happened again when I went from zone 150 to 151.

    Is this just me?

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    Re:Crossing the line

    Ive been crossing several zones for the past 6 hours, not a single crash here mate.

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    Re:Crossing the line

    Maybe I'm treading on the cracks int he pavement :P

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    Re:Crossing the line

    lol ^

    I've had no crashes of this sort though. Sounds like when you cross a node your client boots you. Not sure what you can really do about it on your side ...

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    Re:Crossing the line

    ive had that issue before, not in the area you speak of. Then it seems to go away a couple days later. Hopefully the new patch coming will resolve this. AS I think it has to do with terraforming that causes it.

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