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    Error: Incorrect Launcher Version

    Hi, I get this message when I'm trying to start the game, what can I do? Thanks.

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    Re: Error: Incorrect Launcher Version

    You will have to uninstall that version of the launcher, and install the latest version of the launcher.

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    Re:Error: Incorrect Launcher Version

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Ok, but where do I find the file? I cant find "Download" anywhere on this site.

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    Re:Error: Incorrect Launcher Version

    It should be in the latest e-mail you got. (Unless they put it up for everyone to download... I thought I saw that they had finally done that somewhere, but I could be wrong.) Ask an admin to give you a new e-mail if you lost it.

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    Re:Error: Incorrect Launcher Version

    already fixed

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