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Thread: Inventory Loss

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    Inventory Loss

    Ok, so I wanted to craft some grass things from basketry but i needed an Awl. So I made another character who took Bonecrafting and dropped his bag on the ground. I used my other character to pick up the items in the bag.

    For some reason I ended up with a cloned fishing pole, in both hands and in my inventory. When ever i tried to move or unequip a fishing pole the one in my left hand would move about, but the others would stay. Trying to affect any of them would result in the left hand's to be effected.

    I ignored it for the time being and crafted a whole set of grass gear. Once I had finished I wanted to see if relogging would fix the cloned fishing poles. When I logged back in I noticed on the character selection screen that I was wearing the starter gear.. and once I was fully in all my stuff was gone.. but I had only 2 fishing poles now.

    Relandi wanted to see if he would lose all his crafted items if he relogged too. He was fine. I tried making gloves a few times and relogging after each one. Same inventory each time. The odd thing it was only equiped items that were affected, the items in my backpack were as they should be.

    I reviewed some of my logs.. and I noticed some Warnings that looked like this:
    Mon Jun 14 23:08:29 2010 : Warning: IO Wait Failed: 6

    Any one have an Idea of what it means?

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    Inventory Items vanishing

    Someone noted, and i tested, that inventory items see to disappear upon logging off. I made some gloves and a little bit after some knee pads after a little bit more i logged off. Upon logging back on immediately i no longer had knee pads. I remade the knee pads, logged off, logged back on and still had them.

    if you experience this problem please post it here along with details of what you were doing before, during and after.

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    Re:Inventory Loss

    So I tried to see if it was just my one character. I logged on the alt "IGotAwl", and picked up some grass. I logged out. Logged back in, and oh noes! I have no grass.. it might be my client!

    I then grabbed my old bag and put all my clothes in it. Relogged, and wow... I'm naked and I have that grass now...

    I put my clothes back on and relog.. I am still naked.. and I lost all my clothes.

    The last line of each of my logs.
    Tue Jun 15 01:33:57 2010 : Warning: IO Wait Failed: 6
    Tue Jun 15 01:38:08 2010 : Warning: IO Wait Failed: 6
    Tue Jun 15 01:39:32 2010 : World loaded No Warnings...
    Tue Jun 15 01:43:28 2010 : Warning: IO Wait Failed: 6

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    Re:Inventory Loss

    Made two alt toons and dropped their packs on the world. These packs only contained the basic starter tools.

    Log in main and ran around and scavenged until pack was filled. Opened these two packs and put all items into them.

    There was some logging off/logging on. Eventually I went back to scavenging with main and with pack full again returned to the two packs to find they had nothing but the starting tools.

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