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    Right Click Crashes

    I was suggested to post a random yet re-occuring crash bug..

    At random times when I right click on an item in the inventory it causes my client to crash to desktop...

    Most often this happens when I try to eat a fish, but also happens when trying to eat berries...and also happens when trying to sort junk pilke loads...

    After this happening over 30x I think (im an amatuer) it happens only when I try to right click the item within it being placed in my inv before 10secs...if I wait a bit, then use it it works fine...but if I use it right away...desktop crash..

    hope this helps..

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    Re:Right Click Crashes

    Does this crash happen when you right click, or when you select the action, such as Eat or Sort?

    Please email this report to me ( and send me the latest log file from your Log directory when you can reproduce this.


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