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Thread: Double toons

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    Double toons

    found a wierd one...

    If I make a character, "Risk" then delete him, and make a new toon called "Risk" and crash to desktop...when I relog i have two seperate toons name Risk that both work yet are different (seperate skill sets)

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    Re:Double toons

    Hello Risk,

    At what point in the character creation process did you crash to the desktop?

    Or did you crash after entering the world?

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    Re:Double toons

    it happens after entering the world

    here's the steps..

    log in,
    delete toon "JohnDoe"
    remaker toon "JohnDoe"
    enter game as new JohnDoe,
    Crash to desktop,
    Relog in,
    In character selection, there's the new AND the old JohnDoe.

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