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    Bonecrafting bones

    The Bonecrafting recipes require exact types of bones.
    I have some bones and recipes, but I can't "fit them in".
    All other resources can be inserted even if partially available.

    Here are the 2 problems I have encountered:

    Pauwalu Bearbone Chestplate:
    - requires 2 "Black Bear Round Bones"
    - I have 1 of them that doesn't fit

    Washoe Deerbone Helm
    - requires 12 "Mule Deer Small Bones"
    - I have 2 of them that don't fit

    I'd like to know if I'm missing something, if it's a missing feature or a bug.

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    Re: Bonecrafting bones

    I can't verify this since I can't log in atm but are you sure they are bones from the right animals? Like not "Raccoon Round Bones" and "Human Small Bones"?

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    Re: Bonecrafting bones

    I'm 100% sure the names are exactly the same:

    - Black Bear Round Bones, I have now 2/2 and all other ingredients and tools...

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    Re: Bonecrafting bones

    Yeah, now that I'm in again I can confirm this. Bonecrafting gets boned again.

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    Re:Bonecrafting bones

    Same with toolcrafting.

    Cant fit Deer Mule Small Bones into any toolcraft recipe that requires "small bone". Same thing with flat bone.

    Right clicking does nothing and neither does drag drop.

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    Re:Bonecrafting bones

    Yup, this was a problem. I'll upload the fix today.


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    Re:Bonecrafting bones

    Xsyon wrote:
    Yup, this was a problem. I'll upload the fix today.

    Woot!. Jordi, can you also check feathers? I personally didn't try but another player last night was having similar issue trying to add feathers to a recipe.

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    Re:Bonecrafting bones

    Yes, the feathers were checked and fixed also.

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    Re:Bonecrafting bones

    Weaponcrafter recipe with simply "Blade" (no specification) cannot be loaded with a "Knife Blade". Maybe I'm doing something wrong or it's related.

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    Re:Bonecrafting bones

    Weaponcrafter recipe with simply "Blade"

    Thanks. Just fixed this.

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