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    Personal opinion about the patch

    That's just my opinion (many will not agree).

    I see there has been done a lot of work in this patch and I like many things (especially that the patcher is protected, the mouse cursor (visibility, perfect response time and precision), the idea of the context menu, the toolbar keys, the added skills, loading times, server response times (although there is still some lag) and much more).

    So this is a lot of things I like and I want to make clear that I see that it is going in the correct direction.

    Exactly because I like what I see, I will be RELENTLESS and criticize more. I'll post more bugs in the future (not immediately) about "refining". I don't want to influence gameplay (that depends on the vision and may be extremely complex, impossible to discuss in a forum) but I will only refer those little things that make the difference.

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    Re: Personal opinion about the patch

    I don't think you need to announce that you're going to be offering feedback on the game.

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    Re: Personal opinion about the patch

    No, I don't. And I didn't. I stated that I'm satisfied with the 14th june patch and the new stuff rolled out, but that it is not polished enough, yet.

    For example the login protected patcher: this is very good, much better than before, but when you press ENTER it closes the window, it does not fire the "patch" button. It's those tiny little things that require some more attention.

    I'm not a usability maniac but some basic things cannot be overlooked, and I'm not fanboying... I'm trying to keep an objective (mixed feeling) view on the state of the game.

    So... I said much more than "announce that you're going to be offering feedback on the game".

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    Re: Personal opinion about the patch

    I really like the fact that server stability is taken into great account right now.
    The other features are less important and may be added later on.

    The only thing I'm worrying about is that a whole new batch of bugs made it into the recipes.

    Just had to vent this here.

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    Re: Personal opinion about the patch

    Naw, just more recipes are available now so people are finding minor issues. These are really easy to fix.

    If you find any more recipe problems let me know and they'll be updated quick.

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    Re: Personal opinion about the patch

    What about the rare recipes nobody will see?
    Hope this goes well.

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