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    OMG! I'M ON FIRE!!!

    Heh, for some reason my new toon Risk the 42nd catches on fire every time I log in and keeps burning for about 15mins. It's cool for a bit...can scare new folk with my awsome super powers.
    But after a while it gets a bit annoying... I emit a crap load of smoke! Heh

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    Re:OMG! I'M ON FIRE!!!

    lol. Screenshot or it didnt happen. :P

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    Re:OMG! I'M ON FIRE!!!

    Ya screenshot definitely, or else next time post in a nonsense topic :laugh:

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    Re:OMG! I'M ON FIRE!!!

    I tried to catch fire on a lit fireplace but it didn't happen (didn't even get injured) and it disappointed me a bit.

    I hope OP is telling the truth, because this would mean it will be very easy to code that in.

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    Re:OMG! I'M ON FIRE!!!

    Yeah he is, I was in game last night my time and someone was pissing themselves laughing at him running around on fire. I didnt see it myself but I heard the comments.

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    Re:OMG! I'M ON FIRE!!!

    if its still happening ill pic it, do i use the print screen key?

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    Re:OMG! I'M ON FIRE!!!

    Risk wrote:
    if its still happening ill pic it, do i use the print screen key?
    Yeah. It gets put in your Xyson\\screenshot folder

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