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    Digging tunnels?

    With the ability to raise and lower land, is there the ability to dig through hills / mountains, or dig a sloped underground path and create underground tunnels?

    And if there is the ability to do this, would that be where we would find any minerals for mining?

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    This is something I've been meaning to ask.
    When I heard about being able to raise and lower the ground I instantly thought of WURM and if it was possible for Xsyon to have the mining like they do.
    Personally it won't bother me at all if it isn't in as it sounds crazy as hell to implement in any game that isn't WURM.

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    Tunnels would be cool, I would totally make an underground city.

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    Currently the land editing doesn't not contain this ability

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    this would indeed make a nice feature in the future.

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    This would most certainly be interesting.

    Tribes in mountains. Sounds like something new XD

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    Haha so random and I never would have thought about this, but cool idea.

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    We guild is hopeful that this game will be like if WURM and DFO had a bastard child.

    And by bastard I mean without all the crappy parts each of those games had.

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    It would be neat if it was a hidden technology to be able to build an underground base. Maybe have only 3 available to be found. Would make it extremely rare.

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    Re:Digging tunnels?

    This would be amazing especially when combined with mining for resources. Currently no other mmo has attempted mining in such a fashion. As for underground cities, I believe it's improbable as it leans more towards a fantasy take than a sci-fi/post apoc setting that borders on realism. However what is plausible in my opinion is building a village within or on a mountain side/rock face as there is more than enough support to prevent the collapse of the structure.

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