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    Tailoring Skill not working

    I can open the tailoring window, but when I try to move materials into the boxes it crashes to desktop. Also, if I try to move the tailoring window , i crash to desktop.

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    Please email me your logs when this happens.

    Other have reported this and I can't reproduce this to save my life. I built up a tailor today...

    Oh crap! That reminds me. I put my tailoring test on hold to deal with the server code and forgot to remove my scheme update cheat.

    Well, I guess you crafters should be getting a bunch of free recipes to check out today.

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    For anyone who is getting this error, please give me as much detail as possible.

    Are you running in windowed or fullscreen mode?

    What resolution are you running?

    Does this happen the first time you open the crafting window, without scrolling or otherwise doing anything to the window?

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    I was running windowed mode at 1024 X 768 X 60. I then changed to fullscreen at the same resolution and had the same result. I can open the tailoring window, but when i try to move materials to the box it crashes.

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    What character is having this problem? I want to examine the database and see what schemes you have.

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    Also, does it crash as you drag over the box, or after you drop the icon?

    One more thing, you can right click materials to add them to the window. Please try this and let me know if that crashes as well.

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    Right clicking did work. Upon scrolling down the list of materials to be made there was no issue. When trying to scroll up, I crashed again.

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    If you use the arrows to scroll up and down it seems to be ok, when you try to click in the scrolling area to make a bigger move it crashes.

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    I duplicated your character and assigned him to my account so I can test exactly what you're doing with the same character (but on the test server).

    I'm not able to duplicate this problem. Can you send me the files from your Log directory. Maybe that will have some clues.

    Does right clicking anywhere in the crafting window cause the crash, or just left clicking on certain parts? Can you select crafting scheme names?

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    Re:Tailoring Skill not working

    could not reproduce, only thing the scroll box does upon clicking and holding is drag the crafting box around

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