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    Clear Terrain now does nothing.

    More precisely, there are no longer any conditions I can determine under which you are capable of clearing terrain.

    In related news, there seems to be far too little area that is open to terraforming now, so it'd be nice if clearing let you convert non-terraformable areas that aren't covered in some sort of rock to being terraformable.

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    Re: Clear Terrain now does nothing.

    I noticed clearing stopped working even before this update. I remember using it before when I first was let in but later on I couldn't figure where it was used because it never worked.

    What sort of terrain is non-terraformable now?

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    Re: Clear Terrain now does nothing.

    I noticed the second part as well. I found a near level plain where I was going to build another fort, and it wouldn't let me lower the terrain at all on the small hill in the middle...

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    Re: Clear Terrain now does nothing.

    Yeah, I'm seeing the issue now. The other terraforming buttons other than clear do nothing and don't give any sort of error message. I'm on flat grass terrain at the moment.

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